Arkansas State University

  1. I have my interview on sunday and was looking for any help on what to study. I am so excited about getting an interview. Even if I completely bomb it will be a great learning experience.

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  3. by   dogbone
    Sending u a pm dude

  4. by   ctucker
    Well, the interview has came and gone AND like I thought I completly bomb it, but it was a great learning experience. I will do much better in my other interviews.
  5. by   jackson74
    How did you bomb it? I have 2 interviews scheduled in NC in November and it would be helpful to hear detailed info about people's interview experiences. For example, what type of questions, who interviewed you, etc. Also, I've talked to several SRNAs and CRNAs who felt they had bombed their interview to later find out they got accepted to that school.

    I like the attitude your taking, viewing the interview as a learning experience. The way I see it, if I don't get in this time I will keep applying and interviewing until somebody gives me a chance. Good luck!
  6. by   RNlovesSTLCards
    I also interview at Arkansas State University this past weekend. I am totally unsure of how I did. In someways I feel like I did good but in others I really question myself. How many other schools are you interviewing with?
  7. by   ctucker
    I am applying to 3 or 4 other schools. I hope I can get in to one of them,
  8. by   North Cacalacky
    I interviewed in 2005 at Arkansas State and got in for the class starting january 07'. They interview a long way out for their classes it seems. How was your interview set up? Did they give you a quiz with hemodynamic and vasoactive drip questions? That's what I got. Good luck guys. The faculty there are really awesome.
  9. by   North Cacalacky
    by the way, don't worry too much if you didn't know everything. They don't expect you to. they want to see how you will respond to areas and situations you are unfamiliar with. Coming off as genuinely interested, humble and teachable is the most important thing you can do in the interview.
  10. by   RNlovesSTLCards
    I did not have any drug questions. And the rumor is that they changed questions from Sat to Sun interviews, so Sun could have had a lot of drug ?'s. For the most part everyone was nice minus one guy that just kind of sat there looking down the whole time. Did you say you start at ASU in Jan.? I know several people that are starting then also. I am hoping for 2008, but it may be that I have to interview again for 2009. Either way I feel better prepared and all that studying helped in my RN-BSN classes that I am finishing right now.
  11. by   ctucker
    Yes they said sat and sun question were different. I didn't have any med questions either. They were just about all Neuro. One question about PA cath.