Are there CRNA prorramms which do nor require GRE

  1. I have good GPA and getting my ICU experince, I am ok to take CCRN exam. But I think I will do really bad on GRE because English is not a first language for me. Are there scools which do not require GRE?
    Thank you a lot!
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  3. by   NMB IVP
    I interviewed at Union University in Jackson, TN. They basically said that they didn't care about the GRE. However, you can tell them that English is not your first language and use that to your advantage. Most schools that I have delt with care more about the Math part of the GRE. Just take it for the heck of it and write them a letter with your application that explains your GRE scores. Even if some schools don't require you to make high on the GRE, most require you to at least take it. Any public university requires any grad student to take the GRE. Private schools make their own rules.
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    To my understanding University of Tennessee (Memphis) still does not require them at all.

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  5. by   NMB IVP
    Yeah, but I think that all UT schools require the MAT.
  6. by   maria s
    I am sorry for a dummy question, but what are UT schools?
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    Quote from maria s
    I am sorry for a dummy question, but what are UT schools?
    University of Tennesee has several schools throughout the state. They have one in Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.
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    Bryan LGH in Lincoln, Nebraska does not require GRE or MAT or any standardized tests.