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  1. I need advice and here is the deal. I am an RN at a 750+bed tertiary care, level I trauma center in Rochester, NY. I work in the MICU. I absolutely love my job, but am also aware of CRNA schools wanting (or perferring) CV or CTICU experience. I have my choice of many adult ICUs and feel that I need to move to better my chances of getting into CRNA school. I have just never worked with better people in my life. Question 1: should I switch units?

    I went to an ADN program to begin my nursing career and graduated with a 3.25. (Graduated with ADN Jan 2006) I am now completing my BSN at the University of Rochester this summer with a GPA of 3.6. I am actually in a combined BS/MS program with conferrment in August, so I have advanced pathophysiology and advanced pharmacology and some other graduate courses under my belt. I, of course, am a member of Sigma Theta Tau, I am an ACLS instructor, I am a teacher assistant (TA) for Amy Karch (author or Lippincotts Nursing Drug Guide) for her Pathophysiology/Pharmacology class for accelerated BSN students. I am taking my CCRN in July. I plan on applying to UB and possibly SUNY Upstate (program beginning in Fall 2008) and wonder what anybody out there thinks my chances are. Question 2: what are my chances?

    I appreciate anybody's comments.
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    I was wondering where you have obtained information about a program at SUNY Upstate. I had heard a rumor about a year ago and have been looking for any information, but to no avail. If you have any links or contact names I would greatly appreciate the information.
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    I spoke with the Dean of SUNY Upstate's College of Nursing on 5/18/07. As of that date the start of the CRNA program is being pushed back to Fall 2009. The first cohort will consist of only 5 students.