Applying to Rosalind Franklin & Northshore

  1. I am finally starting the application process and wondering if there are any recent applicants to Rosalind Franklin or Northshore out there with some words of wisdom? What do you feel made you stand out at either of these schools, did you get an interview? Accepted?

    Would you apply to these schools again if you did it again?

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  3. by   ahSICURN
    I don't have any words of advice, but I wanted to wish you luck as I am also applying to Rosalind Franklin this year.

    I have found some excellent interview tips and resources on another popular nurse anesthesia message board site that actually has an impressive PDF.

    Again, I wish you luck!
  4. by   27medic
    So just curious, have you been granted an interview anywhere yet? Where else did you apply?
  5. by   ahSICURN
    I am also applying to Northeastern in Boston and Kaiser in CA and actually have friends that have been accepted to both programs and will be starting in September.

    I have not been invited to interview yet, but I hope to be soon.

    How about you? Where else are you applying? Have you been invited to an interview yet?
  6. by   27medic
    No interviews yet, and to be honest the only application I have completely submitted is Rosalind Franklin. Have some others in the works with later due dates, mainly schools in the Illinois/Missouri area. Starting to think maybe I should expand out further, but have not had the chance to do research on other schools. Getting a little overwhelmed reading about all the different program options and what others are saying about each of the schools. Really need to figure out what is best for me, and then if I get accepted, but really need to get a few more applications in so I have some options.

    What ultimately made you choose the 3 programs that you applied too? What do you like about them? Obvious location is not the main factor for you.
  7. by   ahSICURN
    I found RFU on my own and after hearing favorable reviews about the other two programs I researched all three and ultimately felt these three programs take a more holistic approach when considering applications and are more interested in the entire profile of the applicant, not just the grades and GRE scores. Don't get me wrong, both are very important but there are a lot of things about an applicant that simply cannot be farily represented on peices of paper.

    I actually applied to one small prestigious program last year, was not granted an interview and decided to meet with the department head for clarification so I could re-apply this year with a stronger application. When she indicated that two low science grades I acheived during my first college semester completely overshadowed my double-major, honor society inductions, high-acuity ICU experience, letters of recommendation, excellent GPA (and basically explained they never even looked at any of the other supporting materials in my application) I almost completely lost heart. I had worked very hard and was extremely serious about my application. I was so disappointed that this program did not honor my hard work by considering the whole application in it's entirety. So, when I picked myself back up and decided to re-focus, I made a point to focus on programs who care about applicants individually and take a holistic approach to the application process.

    Honestly you are smart to focus on what you want out of a program. For me it is location and class size, which is why RFU is first on my list. I also like that they offer a gross anatomy lab as I really feel it would offer an invaluable learning experience that is very complementary to my learning style.

    The application process takes a considerable amount of time, effort and coordination. I've felt overhwhelmed a number of times. Ultimately I feel that with the number of school choices there are, every serious applicant can find a school that is best for them.
  8. by   27medic
    SICU RN:

    Have you heard anything about interviews? I am getting a little bit nervous. The website states they are currently in the interview process at RFU, however I have not heard anything. You?
  9. by   ahSICURN
    I haven't heard a word. I too freaked out a little bit when I saw interviews were "in progress" on the RFU website but hadn't heard anything. I called the graduate office last week to double-check everything was complete. They told me the are in the process of reviewing applications and will contact applicants either way, though they weren't able to tell me whether it will be via email or snail mail. I've been checking both religiously every day.....
  10. by   27medic
    I know it seems like I am obsessively checking both, but this waiting is the worst. I am sure if either of us get an interview, we will have to go through the waiting again - I can't even imagine. Anyway, if I hear something either way I will definitely post, since I also appreciate the info/up-dates you have given me.
  11. by   ahSICURN
    I too appreciate your willingness to share updates. I will certainly post a message here once I hear something. I hope we hear soon!
  12. by   ahSICURN
    I just couldn't wait any longer, so I sent an email to admissions. I recieved an email response from admissions today and wanted to let you know that no one has been contacted for an interview yet as the deadline is still a couple of days away. Suppsedly applicants will probably be contacted for an interview date sometime in the next few of weeks by email, after the deadline has passed. Apparently they are still in the review process. I am going to ease up on my mailbox a bit now... I hope this helps you too!
  13. by   Kcubs21
    I got a call today from administrative director to set up an interview time. I was working nights and was sleeping when he called. I called him back and left a message. So I should have an interview set up in the next couple days. Hopefully you will hear something soon.
  14. by   27medic
    Do you have any insite on how many applicants they are interviewing? I have gone ahead and put in a few more applications, but still anxiously waiting for an interview.