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I am finally starting the application process and wondering if there are any recent applicants to Rosalind Franklin or Northshore out there with some words of wisdom? What do you feel made you stand... Read More

  1. by   ICU1500
    Hi all. I was wondering if any of you interviewed at Northshore? I have completed my interviews with both Northshore and Rosalind and am nervously awaiting a reply........ I know Rosalind is not informing anyone until October 15 th. The waiting is painful
  2. by   27medic
    I did not apply to Northshore. Do you know how many people are interviewing at Rosalind Franklin. I did receive an interview there, just have had limit email access so was not able to post an update. I thought they said we would find out on the 5th, did you find out at the interview that it would be the 15th instead?
  3. by   ICU1500
    100 applied. 50 are being offered interviews and 25 are being accepted. How did you feel your interview went? And I am pretty sure they said October 15 th we would find out.
  4. by   K.CVRN
    Hello everyone! I interviewed at Rosalind as well. I believe the online info when the interview was scheduled said their intent was to mail letters on 10/5. During the interview they said everyone would receive an email either way on 10/15. Waiting is the worst part! It will be two months between interview and decision! Good Luck!!!
  5. by   kompota

    I have been searching the web for information on Rosalind Franklin and this forum is pretty much the only place I found any. Thank you all of you for posting here and sharing!

    I have an interview scheduled for Sept 8th. I am very excited about this opportunity to be considered for a spot, but I am also nervous as I am not sure what to expect from the interview as it is my first time applying to Nurse Anesthesia school. Does anybody have any tips to offer? The administrative director told me that there will be a test during the interview, do I have to prepare for it or just my ICU experience will be enough? Any advice will be most appreciated! Good luck to all!
  6. by   27medic
    Waiting for my interview, let alone until October is already painful. Just curious, are you guys that are applying to Rosalind Franklin local or would you need to re-locate (or even commute I guess as another option)?
  7. by   ICU1500
    I am applying local. I just recieved a letter that I was accepted to NorthShore which I also applied for. Rosalind is my first choice so I cannot wait to hear back!
  8. by   kompota
    I am applying local and Rosalind is the only school I have applied to. I strongly believe that with having a family I will be most successful in school if I am stay close to my support system.

    less time communiting= more time studying

    My interview is over, and now is the waiting period..............

    Good luck with your interview!
  9. by   MEDBRAT08
    Would you mind sharing some details about the interview. What kind of questions were you asked - were they mostly related to you clinical experiences or general questions - like why you want to be CRNA, what have you done to prepare for the program, why Rosalind Franklin, etc. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated!

    Best of luck to you, I hope you will get in!
  10. by   27medic
    Having completed the interview, and still cannot believe how hard this wait is. I really hope we hear something closer to the 5th and not the 15th. How is everyone else doing with the wait?
  11. by   ICU1500
    Waiting is rough. I didn't know that they were sending out acceptance notifications before the fifteenth. I hope they send them out the fifth. That would be amazing!!
  12. by   kompota
    The closer we are getting to the 15th, the harder the wait is!!!!!!!!
  13. by   27medic
    I agree, I am getting very anxious just waiting. Anyone know if we are suppose to find out via email or snail mail?