Anyone starting CRNA school @ LSU in Aug 2009

  1. Just wondering about anyone starting CRNA school @ LSU in Aug 2009? or anyone already in it maybe more helpful. Trying to get things together. Wondering well about everthing. lol Moving from CA need to find a place to live, about classes, clinicals, along with everything else. Any info would be great. Clay
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  3. by   bozomel
    My number one school is LSU. Can you tell me a little about your statistics? Do you have CCRN? How is your GRE? I want to go to LSU so bad. I am applying for fall 2010. I worked for an anesthesia group for 5 years running their board in the OR. Went to nursing school. Work in ICU for a little over a year now. Want to be a CRNA!

  4. by   rollingstonecv
    First off best of luck. On applying make sure you apply more than one place. I do have CCRN, Many years of experience. GRE was ok just at 1000. I did have some grad school under my belt I think that helped me. If your going to LSU you need GRAD level Stats. I have to take it this summer. It your planning on going there maybe take it asap, better than having to take it last min. Hope this helps good luck.