Anyone know anything on the University of Detroit Mercy CRNA program?

  1. Anyone know anything on the University of Detroit Mercy CRNA program? Reputation? Anyone go there? General opinions? Thoughts? Rumours? Can anyone tell me anything about it?

    Thanks! All comments welcome!
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  3. by   optimisticSRNA
    I have an interview with them later this month. They are my first choice. They have a vast number of clinical sites, are a little more $$ than other programs. Personally, I feel that UDM is the best fit for me. During an information session, the Program Director seemed very approachable. He was realistic, but seemed receptive to student concerns. This was not the case at other Michigan schools, from my standpoint.

    They are pretty technologically savvy, which I like. Some of the classes meet online during the program (like Physics). I have a friend that is going there currently and is really glad she chose their program.

    The best advice I can give you is to go to the website: Nurse Anesthesia Program (CRNA) - University of Detroit Mercy , go to an information session, and call them for specific questions. The director invited people to submit their transcripts to him so he could tell you what else you needed, what would make you a stronger applicant grade-wise, etc.

    This is just a few tidbits of info about the school. I'm sure others will add more.

    -Nurse Kern
  4. by   outdoorsgal
    This is true! Great school, good reputation, everyone passes their boards, good support system.