Anyone interview at Otterbein?

  1. I was able to interview this month at Otterbein and was wondering if anyone else on here did? How do you guys feel it went? Figured we could start a thread for those applying there this year.
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  3. by   PICU-Murse
    I interviewed on Oct 3rd.

    I feel mixed about it. Initially once I left the interview, I felt great. I felt like I truly put my best foot forward, acted and sounded professional, and answered questions well. The more I have been mulling over things, I feel worse and worse actually. I feel like I start wondering whether or not I answered the best way or the "right" way.
    The written exam kind of through me off because I wasn't expecting it as the first part of the interview, but I feel like it went well.

    What were your thoughts?
  4. by   Monkey Man Nurse
    I definitely have mixed feelings. The test did surprise me as well. But one of the students that graded mine said I did well. She didn't tell me exactly how I did though. The actual interview was intense. It almost felt like they would just keep asking questions until you missed them. Just to see how you would respond. I felt I responded well, but I know I got a couple questions wrong. So I have no idea how I feel about it. Sometimes I feel great about it and other times I'm like, well good try. Haha
  5. by   PICU-Murse
    The senior/junior students that helped with the interview process were great and very helpful. I was told that they will call you personally if you're being accepted. So keep your phone on you at all times, I guess. A friend of mine is a senior in the program and she said that they called her at like 8:30 at night.

    We won't know anything for a couple more weeks, but literally every day feels so long because I keep checking my email/mail/phone for a response.
  6. by   Monkey Man Nurse
    They told me they will make their decision this Friday. So I'm sure calls will go out possibly Friday, but probably Monday. The wait is torturous. I'm just trying to stay busy. They could call me at 2:30 in the morning and that wouldn't bother me. Haha
  7. by   PICU-Murse
    HAHAHa yes, the wait is honestly the worst part about this. Felt so relieved after interviewing, then the stress of not knowing the outcome started to hit me!.

    Did you interview anywhere else?
  8. by   Monkey Man Nurse
    This was my first interview. I have 3 more coming up. University of Wisconsin, Westminster College and National University.

    What about yourself?
  9. by   PICU-Murse
    This was also my first. Applying to Case Western and Akron if Otterbein doesn't accept me. Otterbein has been my first and only choice.
    I did not know they would be calling as early as Friday. Yikes... now I'm going to be freaking out if I don't get a call that day...
  10. by   geminiBSN75
    To OP:

    Did you interview for the FNP program or CRNA?
  11. by   Monkey Man Nurse
    I applied to the CRNA program.