Anyone get into St. Elizabeth's August 09 class?

  1. Hey I am both excited and nervous, but I just received my acceptance letter into St.Elizabeth's program for August 2009, Is there anyone else out there?
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  3. by   WHATTODORN
    Congrats on your acceptance. I was thinking about applying there. Do you have your CCRN? What was your GPA and GRE score? Do you know how many students they accept a year? How was the interview process???? Do they ask clinical questions or is it just straight forward. Anything else you can add would be greatly appreciated. Good luck with your studies!!
  4. by   JeremyN
    I too will be starting school there in August. I am in the two year accelerated program...which one are you in?
  5. by   famous74
    I also will be going to St. Elizabeth/St. Joseph in August 2009. I am in the two year accelerated program...first semester for me is 19 credit hours!
  6. by   AltruisticRN
    Congrats everyone that got in! Any advice for those of us apply for the class starting in Aug. 2010?
  7. by   famous74
    Advice for August 2010...apply for as many nursing scholarships as you can! Most deadlines are around March/April for the following August. Here's a link for a good one in Indiana: .

    Good luck!