Anyone else interviewing at UTC?

  1. I got my invitation letter on Tuesday and am happy that hurdle has been jumped! I'm on to tackle the next one November 30th. Has anyone else gotten an invitation to interview at UTC (University of Tennessee Chattanooga)?
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  3. by   far2many
    yes I interview there. Brutal interview. Felt like a firing squad and I was the victim. I left the interview bloody for sure. Got your letter from them yet whether you are in or out?
  4. by   SuperSleeper
    I'm on the alternate list. You?
  5. by   far2many
    Well thats better than a total denial. I'm still waiting my letter in the mail, but not totally surprised I live in a little town in Georgia, things take a while to be delivered. Did you receive your letter recently? Did it say how may alternates and what number you were on the alternate list?

    So what did you think about that interview? I did not feel good about it when I left, actually I felt sick. I was going to visit the campus and see the OR at Erlinger, but decided against it since the interview went so bad. I hope most in the interviewing party (mob would have been a better word) saw something special, but how well do you really get to know a candidate when you rush questions and talk with them for 10 minutes? I really disliked their interviewing process! It's really sad too, I really wanted to go to this program. If this is how they treat students from the beginning, then I have a very bad gut feeling so far. I thought it was odd as well that there were only 2 students that came to talk witht us about the CRNA program. They gave me the feeling that the program was ok, but not excellent. Most programs have more students to tell you about the program, and the ones I have talked with at other schools LOVE their programs and their staff. I want to go to a CRNA program like that.
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  6. by   SuperSleeper
    I'm number 2 on the alternate list. I'm in "little georgia town", too. I would call and ask them if I were you.

    I agree about the getting to know the candidate aspect of your complaint. It's not the best way. I know they were trying to elucidate a high-stress reaction from everyone to try and determine personality and cognitive ability in stressful OR situations. So, I wasn't surprised, but I was depressed when I left because I felt it went really badly.

    My favorite part? How they didn't let me finish questions before they snapped another and another at me! Oh yeah! lol.

    Let us know if you find out.