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  1. Any advice about the application and selection process for admission to a CRNA program would be greatly appreciated. I am scheduled to take the GRE next month, and am taking a CCRN prep class this summer and plan to take the exam shortly after the test. I recently completed a Rn-to-BSN program with a 3.968 GPA. I also have a 4.0 from my ADN degree and all pre-requisits for that. I did a senior pracitum with a CRNA for my last BSN clinical which was about 70 hours and was very hands on. I have also served on a couple commitees at my hospital of employment. Assuming I pass the CCRN exam and score reasonably well on the GRE what do people think of my chances of getting in now, versus waiting another year or two before applying? I feel a little intimidated knowing that my competition will probably have much more experience, yet, the longer I wait, the older my A&P and chemistry classes will be. I'd rather not be in the position of feeling like I should retake those classes to be competitive. I plan to apply to at least four or five programs this fall and winter and see what happens? What do people think? Should I look at more programs? Wait? Go for it now? Thanks in advance!
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    I just realized I left out a crucial part of my prior post. Experience: I have been an RN for a little over two years with half of it spent on a medical ICU in a large urban, level I trauma center.
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    It sounds like you are on the right track. I say go for it now. I would concentrate more on getting your CCRN, ACLS, PALS, and maybe TNCC rather than retaking those classes. Programs require you to have ACLS and PALS. Getting over a 1000 on the GRE and getting your CCRN will make you a good candidate. TNCC is just another badge to have to make you stand out. Your grades are good and serving on committees is also good.

  5. by   allischalmers1977
    Looks like you'll be VERY competitive. Hope you aren't applying in MN! I would apply this year if I was you.

    Best of Luck.
  6. by   PDX_RN
    Thanks for the encouragement. I do plan to apply this year, but am still wondering how many schools I should apply to in order to have a reasonable chance of getting into at least one of them. It is hard to be at all confident when many schools are reporting 5 applicants for each seat.
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    PDX RN,
    Go for it! Apply now to your top choice schools. As far as how many schools, just remember chances are you will get interviews to all of these schools, and will pay for the travel expenses, so if there is a school that you do not think you would attend if accepted, don't apply. On the other hand, if there are three or four schools you would consider seriously attending if chosen, go to the interviews and don't make a final decision until you have seen all schools and felt out all the programs. You are very competitive, more then you think! I also thought I was up against all 4.0, top trauma hospital, 5 years plus experience, brilliant candidates, and some were, but not all, and with my stats that are even less competitive then yours, I was accepted into all the schools that I applied! You are extremely competitive with the GPA, prior experience with CRNA, level one trauma ICU, and committee work- go get em!
  8. by   soonershok
    I thought the same thing. I selected schools based on a number of things...none of which were the top listings of USNEWS. Some schools I selected which were close. Some were farther away. Some were front loaded and some integrated. I ended up applying to 6 schools total...which after the fact I think is too many. I interviewed at five schools...all kind of similar in their interviews...sure you get some that will go in depth with clinical and some more personal, but all were panel interviews. So back to your many? Well that is kind of a personal thing. Apply to as many as you want...apply to as many as you can afford to go interview at. The reason I did 6 is because I wanted to be assured to get in after all of the competition that I had heard about. In hindsight would I have applied to 6? Heck no...but live and learn I guess. I would probably have limited myself to 3 or 4. I will give you this bit of advice...rank every single one you apply to ahead of time. Then if you get into more than 1 school you can make your decision easily instead of beating yourself up over which one is the best. My choice became simple when I broke it down to the basic thing...what is best for my family. Then the picture became clear. I hope this helps. Good luck!