2007 Tex Wes CRNA Students

  1. I think many should know by now if they got into CRNA school and where. I would like to see the Tex Wes students start posting. It should be a great way to find out where everyone is coming from and perhaps make arrangements to be roommates, etc during our stay in Fort Worth. How abut it!!! Congrats to all those that made the cut whether in Tx Wes or other programs.
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  3. by   MethaneMan
    I'm in at Wesleyan with a clinical site of JPS in Ft Worth. Look forward to meeting you in person, Goose.
  4. by   gasmaster
    Guess what guys? I talked to TW and found out that my GRE score killed me! (I registered for it on a Monday & took it that same Friday scoring 770 to make the application deadline) Anyway, I am now studying to take my CCRN (taking the review this week) and retake my GRE. TWU was great, told me that the GRE was my real weakness and how it really brought down my overall score. It's ok though, I really hadn't expected to get in this year. I'm glad to know what to expect for next year now. Also, I finish my BSN in August so I can just really focus on getting that down & raising my GPA even higher. The best news I've had all month.....I'm being inducted into the honor society as TWU this week! Yeah for me! :hatparty: If that helps with Wesleyan it's even better!
    Congrats to you both!!!! I'm sure you will make AWESOME CRNA's!!!!
  5. by   nurse_k23
    I will be attending TWU this fall and doing clinicals at Cabrini in Alexandria, LA.