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Hello all,

I would like to get your input regarding the role of a Psych NP in NYC or surrounding states. What is your typical day like? Any information regarding training, interesting antidotes, or general advice, would be very appreciated.

To give you some background, I am a current Psychology Undergrad that has been considering nursing as a career for many years. I am an adult non traditional student. My current plan involves completing my BS in Psych while working as a CNA. I am currently trying for an LPN program on a lark. However, in either case, after I complete my requirements, apply for a 2nd degree program - BSN with a specialty in Psych nursing. Eventually after a few years of nursing under my belt, I would like to work toward a MSN in Psych NP.

I am still reading about the field and trying to find clear information about the role a Psych NP serves, the best way to get there for someone in my age group and situation. I think slow and steady would be best in my case, I am 32 giving myself the goal of being a Psych NP by 40.

My ideal situation is one where I can give talk therapy, referrals, manage medications (even if through collaboration with a pdoc). I am interested in working with those with mental disabilities and substance abuse issues. The setting isn't as important as the role I get to fill.

Please share your thoughts. I would like to get your take on things.

Take care,


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