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student nurse


:cry:I have an exam this tuesday and on the study guide they gave us it stated this: IV fluids infusion:


gravity pump


digoxin iv push

lasix iv push

They stated these were dosage calculation type questions, but we have never ever discussed a gravity pump in class and I am looking for example so I can work these type math problems. I would greatly appreciate any advice!

I would advise you to go to the text books that you have on IV calculations. Also, what books you have for this class should be helpful. A 'gravity pump" is a misnomer. Actually the soultion would run by gravity and likely what your instructor is asking for is how many drops per minute. You need to know the difference between micro and macro drip (60 gtts/ml vs 15 gtts/ml.

There are many resources available to you. Once you get the formulas, all you have to do is plug in the numbers.

Good luck on the exam!

Thanks! So gravity drip just means letting it flow by gravity. I do know the formula. What do you think they mean on the study guide when they wrote Lasix IV push and Digoxin IV push? I know lasix you give over 1-2min and Digoxin is over 5min, but I have never seen a math problem with these. Thanks for any help!

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