WHNP MSN Program Duke University Spring 2018

  1. Hey everyone!

    I am planning to apply to the Spring 2018 Women's Health NP program at Duke University. Is there anyone else out there also applying? I could not find any threads about it.

    If anyone reading this has already started or completed the WHNP program at Duke, comments/suggestions/tips would all be appreciated! I haven't been able to find many reviews of the program.

    Also, if anyone has applied to a graduate nursing program at Duke as a new grad nurse, and was accepted, I'd love to hear more about your experience. I am currently completing my BSN, so at the time of application to the program I will have zero work experience. Duke says they do accept new grads, but I'm wondering how often that is, in reality.
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  3. by   ChunkyMonkey21
    Hi PDXnurse17,

    I came across your question and although there's a lot about the program I will not be able to answer (I start Fall 2017), I can speak a little as to the admissions process.

    I wouldn't say I am a new grad but as far as hospital experience goes I have absolutely none. I worked in clinics, labs, and the community setting, for the most part, none of which "count" for many people. One thing that helped me is that I actually applied at the tail end of finishing another MSN in administration... maybe they counted the additional education for something. I think you shouldn't have too much trouble getting in because as I said, I'm pretty inexperienced (and it was actually mentioned a few times in the interview lol) and I was accepted. I think what they're looking for is someone who is passionate about women's health. As long as that comes through you should be fine! Trust me, I did horribly on my interview! I did not feel like I was the best candidate by a long shot... and when I say I did horribly it isn't me just doubting myself, they butchered me! I literally left the interview in tears hahaha I truly believe that my passion came through and that's what got me in. The process overall was pretty standard: 3 short essays, resume, 5 (I think) recommendations (via email, it's basically just a survey that's emailed to the person), transcripts... then just wait for them to contact you and an interview will get set up in person or via video call. By chance I was in town when that email came in so mine was in person, I don't think that had any real effect but I made sure to go in an adorable Duke blue dress... never hurts to look nice, as it's the first impression you give. Um... I think that's about all I can really comment on for now. Aside from that, I'll tell you what my dad always tells me, "Never disqualify yourself from anything. You just take your best shot and let them be the ones to decide whether you're "good enough", you will be pleasantly surprised many times."

    Wish you all the best! Feel free to contact me, I'll try to answer as best I can. Sorry I couldn't give more info!
  4. by   h.c.nurse

    I also applied for a Duke MSN program for Spring 2018. I applied for the FNP program though. I also do not have any RN experience, so I am worried about that. I think they do accept some new grads though. I will be graduating in December with my ASN and have a bachelor's in another field. Do you know when they plan to hold interviews if we are offered one?
  5. by   Matthew.RN
    I also applied, I made a thread about it in another forum but no one had replied. I applied for the BSN-DNP route with my MSN concentration as an FNP. It was pretty intense having to write 6 essays and limit them each to a page in essay form, mostly because I had so much to say and had to put in as much important information as possible and it was tough squeezing that all into one page.

    I like to think we all have a good shot on our own merits. I have been an RN for 5 years now and all 5 years of my experience have been in the ER. I got a job right out of school at UNC, I also did some clinical rotations at Duke and really enjoyed my experience there. I will be sending positive vibes out for all of us and hope we get accepted .
  6. by   h.c.nurse
    That is so exciting! We only had 3 essays for the MSN, but it was definitely difficult to limit those to a page.

    I am hopeful, but understand the value of experience. If I am not accepted for this term, I will work on getting experience and apply again.

    For the DNP program, would you begin in the same courses with the MSN students and do you acquire a masters degree in the middle of your program? Also, do you have any idea of the timeframe for when they hold interviews?
  7. by   Matthew.RN
    I called last week to confirm receipt of all of my transcripts and the lady said we would probably know about an interview in 1-2 months, I'm hoping sooner though!

    Regarding the DNP, it is to my understanding that you are awarded a masters in your practice of care which would be FNP for me and also the DNP. I put i wanted to attend full time so I could knock it all out on 3.5 years. If you don't get accepted into the DNP you're still considered for your masters of interest. So I figured I'd go for the big goal and if I don't get into that program maybe I'll at least get in the MSN program. I feel like my resume and experience is fairly good and I feel like I did a good a job of being clear about my overall goals and such in my essays. The only thing I am concerned about is my GPA. My nursing gpa was I believe a 3.48, and years ago in college when my mother got sick I had dropped a semester of college before I was ever in nursing school or planning to do nursing school and not all of the classes received my withdrawal form and two of the classes gave me F's and I was never able to get those removed from my transcript even after going round and round with the community college I attended. I also had taken the GRE and all of my scores were above the 50th percentile, so I personally feel like a good candidate but I also worry that maybe I don't have enough committee work or volunteer work. I'll be saying a prayer for good news for everyone .
  8. by   Matthew.RN
    Have any of you been able to access the application status page at - Applicant Self-Service , I am still waiting to hear back from the duke help people, but when I log in with my credentials (same as the credentials to fill out your app), it gives me this blue screen error page. I was wondering is the site working for anyone? Or is this just an error I'm having, thanks!
  9. by   h.c.nurse
    I am able to log in, but it says that my application is incomplete and one of my transcripts is missing. I called and they told me that they do have all of my transcripts and there will be some lag with the technical side of the application. I hope this helps! A few times when I have tried to log in there has been an error, but when I refresh the page it works.
  10. by   h.c.nurse
    Were you ever able to get into your account?
  11. by   ssrn13
    Sorry this post is a little late, but hello! I am halfway through the WHNP program at Duke and I have LOVED it (I am finally starting my women's health classes and it's starting to feel real!). Overall, I have had a really good experience at Duke. The MSN program and NP programs at Duke are very highly ranked, but you won't find much about the WHNP program since it was just recently brought back to the university. I think the first set of grads from the WHNP program graduated just last December, but from what I hear they haven't had a problem findings jobs or passing boards. If the success of the other NP majors at Duke is predictive of the success of the WHNP program (which I assume it would, as the faculty are all the same!) then I would not be concerned at all. I have loved all my faculty and my experience at this school. I will say though that I have not met any nurses from any of the NP majors that have been nurses for less than two years at onset of the program. I don't say this to discourage you...it may be to your advantage in some ways because everything from undergrad will be fresh. I had to do a little more reviewing (especially in pharm!). I'm sure there are others in the program with little working experience that I have not met. If they say they are willing to admit fresh BSN grads, then they must be willing...I think if Duke admits you and invests in you they must believe you will succeed at their school, so I say give it a shot! Anyway, I definitely recommend the program. Good luck!! If you have any other questions feel free to ask!
  12. by   Matthew.RN
    Yeah i got the account stuff fixed! They had to fix something technical because I had a new account for grad school, but had an old account with duke due to clinical rotations I did there like 5-7 years ago when in nursing school. I am originally from NC and went to school in the triangle and did all of my clinical rotations in my undergrad degree at Duke, UNC, and Wake Med. they had to do something with the old account so it would let me log in!
  13. by   Matthew.RN
    I just got the email I got selected for an interview for the BSN to DNP program!!!! Good luck yall
  14. by   JMarie327
    Hey PDXnurse17! I applied for Duke's WHNP Spring 2018 cohort and just found out that I was accepted! My fingers are crossed that you received the same good news. At the time of my application, I had only 3 months of nursing experience completed (at Duke University Hospital), but by the time the program starts in January, I will have a year's worth of experience. I also only have an ADN degree, and a bachelors in another field. Hoping to join you soon as a new classmate! Best of luck!