What do you think chances are of being accepted into NP program while unemployed?

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    After graduating from college back in 2006 with my BSN, I have moved 4 times due to my husband's work. The last move was in 2012. Well, I am still unemployed! I am having a hard time finding work in the area we moved to. This last move is supposed to be our last. So I had been putting off applying to an NP program until we settled somewhere permanently. After this last move I decided I would start appying to an NP program after gaining employment. Well, seeing as that hasn't happened.....I feel like I am just wasting time. What do you think my chances are at being accepted into a NP Program if I am currently unemployed? I just feel that it probably will not look good compared to other applicants, and combining that with having went through 3 other jobs. Anyway, I just wanted to get some opinions on it, and curious if anyone else has ever applied while unemployed? Thanks!
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  3. by   dnt8178
    I think it is a perfect time to go back to school. I just recently applied to a NP program and I am not currently employed due to a recent move with my spouse. I was accepted and start school this summer. For I think it is perfect because I can totally concentrate on school without having to worry about work. My program is a a DNP program and they encourage students not to work(at least full time) during the program. So go ahead and apply...you never know what they will say until you apply.
    Good Luck!!
  4. by   Trueblood83
    Thank you dnt8178 for the response and words of encouragement! Good luck with your program! Are you doing your program on campus or online?