1. Howdy nurses,

    I am looking for schools for FNP, I am torn between UTMB and UTH. Do you have any suggestion? Or if you know something about both or one of these schools, please comment below.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   Nolagrace1202
    Look into TWU (Texas Woman's University)
  4. by   s12walker2010
    I have been looking into them too. Both are excellent schools. One key difference is that UTMB is only offer part time and is an online program. UTH requires that you go to classes on campus between 1-2days/week while UTMB only has campus attendance once or twice per semester. I have my BSN through UTH and it is an excellent school but the logistics of having to go to class weekly in the med center and pay parking making me lean towards UTHMB.
  5. by   NonaManado
    Thank you for the information. I am leaning towards UTMB, although I like face-to-face teaching.
  6. by   MedCenterRN
    I am also wondering about both schools, actually TWU as well. I am looking for a flexible program and great professors. Are the 1-2 days on campus prior to or after starting clinicals? On UTHSC's website it says monthly and for exams. I am concerned about the level of teaching, which of those schools better prepares for success in the program and for boards?