UTMB-Family Nurse Practitioner Program Summer 2013 - page 3

Hello All, Trying to find SOMEONE who has been accepted into UTMB's Summer 2013 Family nurse practitioner program. I cannot find any threads, would just like to know who else has been accepted to... Read More

  1. by   kclarknurse
    Thanks so much! Kaulette@gmail.com
  2. by   dolleyes
    Ok thanks back2schoolmurse! I guess we shall see if our comps are compatible #fingerscrossed
  3. by   huanmai
    Congrats to all that got accepted. Did utmb require an interview before acceptance?
  4. by   Jewely
    Congrats to all who are starting in summer 2013! I received an email asking if I want my application to be considered for summer semester, but I don't know anything about what availability will be required. Tina2bFNP2013, does the timeline you have show dates of required campus attendance and clinical weeks? I have prior commitments in May and June and don't know if they would conflict with class dates or clinicals. Thanks for any information!
  5. by   Liem
    Hello Everyone! First time posting here on all nurses! Congratulations to all that have got acceptance letters! I just received an offer at UTMB for the summer FNP program and have accepted. I could not find much on start dates and stuff like that, they said that there will be a package in the mail sometime next week. If anyone has that information please send it my way! Much appreciated! My email is phamhuyliem@hotmail.com

  6. by   Tina2bFNP2013
    Hey! I have all Apple computers too so I hope they are compatible!! I will be purchasing Parallels for Mac before courses begin though.

    I have sent the course plan to everyone before this message so I hope everyone received it.

    On the course plan it only has the courses we are to follow each semester. It does not have any information regarding clinicals or dates to meet up on campus.

    I just know that Orientation is May 2 & 3 and classes begin on May 6, 2013.

    Congrats to everyone again!
  7. by   kclarknurse
    Thanks so much @Tina2bFNP2013
  8. by   newFNP2015
    Has anyone received said packet? I'm going a little insane without more information lol.
  9. by   Tina2bFNP2013
    I haven't received a packet yet.
  10. by   dolleyes
    I haven't received anything either. :/
  11. by   dolleyes
    Does anyone know how long it takes for mail to be delivered from Houston to Galveston? You would think a day or two, right? One of my schools had to mail my transcript to utmb because they don't participate in electronic mailing system and supposedly they sent it off last Thursday. Utmb still hasn't received it and now I'm getting anxious.
  12. by   newFNP2015
    I contacted the MSN coordinator to see about when we would be getting further information. What she said was what we already know: Orientation May 2&3, classes start May 6. She said registration for classes will open April 1 and that we will receive more information at orientation. She didn't say anything about expecting a packet.

    I'm not sure how we are to register for classes without a course plan... I know we have the tentative one, but originally they had declared the program 4 semesters and that shows 5. Plus it didn't come as an official email/mail to all of us. Hopefully there will be some sort of guidance to go along with the registration process. We can hope anyway.
  13. by   dolleyes
    That's true. How are we suppose to register when some of us didn't get an official email for plan of study? I guess we will just have to play it by ear. @ Liem, the packet you're referring to could be the email they will send with info on orientation dates, drug and background screening, etc.