UT TYLER FNP Fall 2018

  1. Hi guys.

    Just wanted to see who else out there applied to UT Tyler's FNP for fall 2018. Has anyone spoken to admissions about when letters go out this application period? I'm thinking it should be in the next few days but wanted to see if anyone had any information!
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  3. by   Pastry Demon
    Hello! I've applied for the Fall semester as well. Based on the threads from last year it seems we should be hearing something soon - I hope so!
  4. by   hughesbn15
    I applied also! I was almost sure we would hear back 3/9 since next week is Spring Break. Anxiously waiting to hear back! Good luck to the both of you!
  5. by   neesa
    How did others find out? Email or by letter?
  6. by   nurseash14
    Hi! I applied for FNP fall 2018 as well! I thought we would have heard by now based on previous years!! I'm anxious! DOes anyone know how competitive the program is? I can't really find much info!
  7. by   Khbro76
    US News and World Report has school rankings and admissions information.
  8. by   KMFT
    I applied, too! Anxiously awaiting an acceptance e-mail/letter
  9. by   juliern91
    Also anxiously waiting, on anyone's myUTTyler account, does it say admission status "incomplete", but you have no holds or nothing on your todo list, just making sure I didn't miss something?
  10. by   KMFT
    Hi Julie

    No, as long as there is nothing on your "to do" list, then you are good. I was told that it will remain "incomplete" until acceptance/denial.
  11. by   Icecreamcat
    March 19th - Have not heard anything. Although I applied the very last day. I am anxiously waiting. Transfer from another University with one course that may be credited. I couldn't afford the previous NP school, although I didn't turn in the transcript for this one - only the undergraduate degrees.

    I am nervous. Please let me know if ya'll hear from UT either via email or mail.
  12. by   juliern91
    Still haven't heard anything, it's killing me, I have already accepted my admissions to another program, but this was one of my top choices!
  13. by   Pastry Demon
    Hey guys! So I just called and asked. The woman I spoke with said "mid-next week via email." Now I can stop checking my email q30mins!
  14. by   Icecreamcat
    Next week?! Nerves. Please please may we all get in.