University of Cincinnati, Frontier University or Maryville University for MSN-FNP?

  1. Anyone here attend any of these listed schools for MSN-FNP? I finish my BSN this December, and am looking at applying for Summer or Fall 2014 start. So far I'm leaning towards UofC, due to the fact I can apply during my last term of BSN and there are no requirements to come to campus foranything...I can't see anything on Maryville's page to even find out their requirements, and Frontier I will have to make 2 trips up to KY for their program...Also price-wise it appears i'm looking at 30-40K with any of these programs. So good/bad thoughts or anyone currently attending?

    I work as a Complex RN case manager and have a wide variety of physician offices to do clinical work at so finding my own clinical areas should be pretty easy. I know of one office for Pediatrics that a Physician would be willing to precept me, and another office where an ARNP will, along with a physician. So I'm really not worried about that part. I have three young children 5, 8 & 9 and my husband is a disabled vet so he is home with them. I believe my job will allow me to work from home a couple days a week if needed when it comes time to do clinicals- but if not we are financially stable enough for me to go part-time or prn at the hospital or acute rehab...or I'd even go back to LTC to not be overly stressed while in school. So that's a little about me and my life..what do you all think in terms of the school choices???


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  3. by   heathermarie7
    I currently attend the U of C online FNP program. The flexibility of the online program has been great, the only negative feedback I have is preceptor placement. I had a difficult time securing preceptors and the school was not helpful whatsoever in that area. I had to cold call TONS of offices to get preceptors. From what I hear though, this can be common in finding preceptors, so once you are accepted, start your search early.

    As far as work is concerned, I worked full time for the whole first year. When I had started my clinicals, I had just given birth to my first son so I did not return to work. The clinical hours can be as flexible as your preceptor is willing. I treated clinicals last semester as a full time job and finished the entire required hours in 2 months.

    Good luck with your applications and whatever you decide to do!
  4. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Thanks for the info on UC...I actually work for a company where I do telephonic case management...our medical director already said I can work out of one of the clinics and one of the MD's or ARNP's can precept me (this would be with patients that I DO NOT do case management for) as our company owns 7 clinics, i only do case management for one of them. I hope this will be okay and not cause a conflict of interest as far as the school is concerned as it's the same company, but would be done in my off hours and at a clinic while I work at the corporate office right now.

    Really hope to apply and start next year, and UC is one I have been looking at a lot lately due to not haveing to go to Ohio for any mandatory campus visits...i don't have time for all that! LOL

    Also once I'm finished I can be hired in a clinic we own, and still maintain my senority, vacation, etc....