1. Hello all!

    I decided to start a new "thread" for people applying to UCLA's APRN program starting Fall 2018.

    I am currently working on my application and applying to the PNP track.
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  3. by   erinjumpingaround

    I just started my application too for Adult/Geron Acute Care NP track Fall 2018. Any information and update is appreciated!
  4. by   anavane
    Hi I just started my application as well for the FNP track . Good luck !
  5. by   Myanvo
    Hi guys,
    Im not applying this year but plan to apply for Fall 2019. So we have to take the physical assessment course at UCLA before you apply?
    And do you guys take the Physiology there as well, let say your course already passes 5 years limit! Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  6. by   axlee
    Started on my app as well for FNP. Good luck guys!
  7. by   ballerinka
    You don't have to take physical assessment before you apply. Once accepted, you will take it over the summer before you start (only if you actually need the class).

    Yes, if your physio class is older than 5 years, you need to re-take it. You can take physiology anywhere, as long as it is an approved, equivalent course.
  8. by   Nursejhw
    While doing the online application, there is a section for Personal History Statement. I already attached my Statement of Purpose. Is a Personal History Statement also required because you have to enter something in order to submit the application.
  9. by   axlee
    I think only the statement of purpose is required according to the list of requirements
  10. by   pediatricEDRN
    I believe you need to do both. Statement of purpose is for the SoN while the personal history statement is for general admissions.
  11. by   pediatricEDRN
    Hello! I confirmed and she said you can attach a blank document.
  12. by   khaleesi
    On the application status page after submitting the online application, were you all able to see the status of your Resume ? I only see the status of LORs, transcripts, and statement of purpose listed on that page. I know for sure I had submitted the resume.
  13. by   FutureNurseCMF
    Mine says the same. Resume was submitted, but it does not show up. What program did you apply for? I applied for the Dual CNS/ACNP! Going to go crazy these next few months!
  14. by   khaleesi
    I applied for the FNP program