UAB FNP Summer 2017 - page 3

HI everyone! I am applying for the UAB FNP program for the Summer 2017 admission. Just wanted to get a page started for all that were applying so that we can keep each other motivated. Good luck to... Read More

  1. by   agirl2014
    Thats what mine says as well Katelyn!
  2. by   katelyn6485
    Oh ok, maybe I'm not doing it wrong then. Do you click on my events and just check it that way??
  3. by   agirl2014
    Login | BlazerID

    I go to this website, type in my blazernet ID and see if there are any holds on my account. Granted, I could access my Blazernet because I applied there as in incoming freshman a few years ago.
  4. by   agirl2014
    Just a couple of more weeks and we should be finding out if we made it in the program!
  5. by   katelyn6485
    Ok-sorry if I sound dumb here. I've read old threads and to create the ID where you check (when not previously affiliated at all) I have a blazer ID
    2.type in SSN (without dashes?
    3.DOB (mmddyy?)
    4 email
    and then it should give you your blazer ID? Just want to make sure I'm trying the correct way-this is confusing! Also from previous threads we probably won't find out for 2-3 more weeks
  6. by   agirl2014
    So how I set mine up was I went to BlazerID Central, went to register a Blazer ID, selected the option of current student or student who has been accepted to UAB, for student number I put my social security with no dashes and date of birth I put xx-xx-xxxx then it let me register.
  7. by   agirl2014
    Let me clarify, for birthday I put mmddyyyy with no dashes
  8. by   katelyn6485
    Ok thanks you! I'll keep trying-it won't let me sign up still!
  9. by   TJERRN0222
    I'm still not able to register as well. I'm hoping now that thanksgiving is over we should hear something soon.
  10. by   agirl2014
    I think next week will be the week that we find something out!
  11. by   Brookie899
    I sure hope so because the anticipation sucks!!!!
  12. by   KDUB2017
    With every day I'm getting more and more anxious! I keep reading past forums to see when they found out if they got accepted or not, some are around the second week of December. I'm going to bust if we have to wait that long!! Keep trying the blazernet thing also and it still gives me an error. I need a sign of positivity!! Anything!!!
  13. by   agirl2014
    I know! The wait is making me have panic attacks ! From the other threads I have seen, people were starting to log onto Blazernet and see holds around Dec 6-9.