UAB FNP Summer 2017 - page 10

HI everyone! I am applying for the UAB FNP program for the Summer 2017 admission. Just wanted to get a page started for all that were applying so that we can keep each other motivated. Good luck to... Read More

  1. by   Brookie899
  2. by   Product
    I wouldn't take that to mean much, if you can't get in to blazernet. That might just mean they haven't activated your account yet. A lot of us have had blazer ID's for over a decade.
  3. by   Brookie899
    Let's hope so!
  4. by   Product
    Well, my advisor has been changed in Blazernet to an instructor in the ACNP program Looking good
  5. by   agirl2014
    I officially have an advisor as well. I just want an official letter in my hand!
  6. by   katelyn6485
    I was just finally able to create a blazernet account. Can't log in yet because I guess you have to wait an hour, but hopefully that's a good sign!
  7. by   agirl2014
    I think that's a great sign. Keep us updated
  8. by   TJERRN0222
    I still can't create an account. Based on past forums, those of us that haven't been to UAB will be able to see our status a little after those that already have an account.
  9. by   jnstorey
    I was also just able to create an account. I have never applied or been a student at uab. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  10. by   katelyn6485
    Same. I have never applied or attended. I talked to a guy in IT and he said We should be able to login either after midnight or 24 hours
  11. by   jnstorey
    Any luck logging in agirl2014?
  12. by   agirl2014
    yes jnstorey! I was able to log in this morning and see that I was accepted into the FNP program
  13. by   jnstorey
    Yay congratulations! How about you katelyn6485?