UAB Fall 2012 Update - page 2

To all that have applied for a UAB NP program for Fall 2012, I received some news via email from one to the program directors. It turns out we will not be notified of acceptance or denial until the... Read More

  1. by   40love
    I find it odd that they are calling some people. I applied for only 2 options: FNP & ACNP but I have not heard anything by phone or mail. Not sure if that's good or bad? :-/
  2. by   N&Glovingmommy
    @40love I agree that it is odd, especially to notify for acceptance. I was called because I was rejected! Ha! Had a hard time with that only because I haven't ever been rejected before. But things work as they should. Please don't get discouraged because you haven't heard from them. I was only called to ask if I would be interested in another program. I had Peds as my second option. My goal is to do Peds but I wanted more mareketability. The scary thing for me is they offered the dual degree which is much longer. Hoping they weren't just needing to feel a spot. Best of Luck!
  3. by   N&Glovingmommy
    @rachalealen Had you applied to any other programs? Like a second or third choice? Just curious. Congratulations by the way!
  4. by   rachelaleanRN2B
    Yes, I had first, second, and third choices. They said they were calling me because they wanted me to send an email stating I would consider my second choice as my first choice because my second choice is a dual program and therefore longer. Again, I have NOT received an "official" notification letter. Anything can change. You can't just go off of a telephone conversation. I have been accepted into two other schools and I was notified by mail on both, so nothing is official until you receive that piece of paper!!
  5. by   rachelaleanRN2B

    Don't worry because they didn't call you, it doesn't mean a thing. You got this!!
  6. by   40love
    Thanks, Rachel.
  7. by   N&Glovingmommy
    If anyone hears anything, let us know. Good luck to all!
  8. by   N&Glovingmommy
    I spoke with someone at UAB today and they are preparing to send out letters! And so the real anxiety sets in.....
  9. by   40love
    Thanks for the update.
  10. by   avarn
    So tell me what you think. I recieved a letter from financial aide stating that I had not been admitted to UAB for the term. It was dated May 22, but post marked May 29. So I got really nosy and logged into my old undergrad account, for the term Fall 2012 I am listed as a graduate student and have holds on my account for a background check and a drug screen. AM I IN? Dying here!
  11. by   N&Glovingmommy
    @avarn Well, that sounds pretty likely to me. Of course, you will feel better when you have the official documentation. Here's hoping!
  12. by   redwoodcoastrn
    I'm waiting to hear about my FNP application too. After reading the thread from last year's applicants anxiously waiting for admission, I realized it could still be a while, and if we're admitted we have to immediately get hopping to get everything going for school.
    I also realized the admissions process gets random or maybe based on first-come-first-serve, with local 4.0 gpa CCRNs with killer letters of reference being put off a semester while 3.2 gpa folks from out-of-state got admitted.
    That's no comfort for those of us waiting, but probably some for those who already know they weren't.
    Does anyone know when the first "mulit-day intensive" happens in the program?
    I live in a rural part of California, so if I'm admitted the travel planning is serious.
    Anyone heard anything new?
  13. by   avarn
    Nothing here, if that helps you. It helps me to know that there is not a packet out there lost in the mail somewhere.