Special issues in online ed for Psych/Mental Health

  1. http://www.apa.org/monitor/2012/06/o...education.aspx

    According to this article from June 2012, the American Psychological Association determined in 2010 that no primarily online psychology doctoral program would be accredited. Their reasons had to do with online ed's lack of role socialization into applying psychology and working with patients/clients. PMHCNSs and PMHNPS also apply psychology in their jobs, right? I wonder what your thoughts are on this ruling by the APA as relates to advanced practice psych nursing. Perhaps it is different for nurses who have already had some professional socialization during the RN portion of their programs. Just interested in any thoughts people might have.
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  3. by   harmonizer
    APA has nothing to do with APRN education. I wish it had so that the ruling can get rid of some of the diploma-mill NP school. You should be reluctant to apply thru any non-synchronous online program because it will be a nightmare trying to hunt down a preceptor for rotation. I would rather have the peace of mind that the school will arrange it.
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