RN to NP Programs??

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    I was wondering if there is online programs to go from an Associates RN to Nurse Practitioner? Or would Have to atleast complete a BSN first? What is the the order of nursing education; I know it starts NA, CNA,LPN Associates RN, BSN,MSN and what after that?
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  3. by   NAURN
    There are many RN-MSN programs out there where the didactic work is done online. Depending on what you want to do with it from there depends on how clinical would work. I am attending Frontier Nursing Univ and all didactic work is online and my clinical will be done in my community with the approval from the Clinical Coordinator. I do go to campus 3 times throughout the program. Many colleges now offer an RN-MSN bridge program.

    After MSN, the next level is the DNP/ PhD in nursing.
  4. by   Hed2007
    Hi, I am interested in Frontier Nursing University. I did some researches on the internet, there are many online FNP students having problems of finding preceptors.

    Do you know how difficult to find preceptor for clinical at Frontier Nursing University? Have you every heard anybody can't graduate because lack of clinical preceptors? Do they help you to find a few clinical preceptors for your clinical? Thanks.
  5. by   NAURN
    You are expected to find your own preceptors at FNU. You are assigned a regional clinical coordinator that can help you locate someone if u are having trouble. It varies greatly as far as difficulty finding a preceptor based on your location.... whether you have a lot of NPs in your area or major universities. I already have preceptors lines up and I just started. I do not live near any major universities and there are quite a few NPs in the area. Also keep in mind 80%that of your time must be with an NP...a lot of programs will allow u to do your clinical with an MD but FNU will allow only 20% of your time with an MD. I have not heard of people not being able to graduate because of not finding a preceptor but I have heard of some that have had to drive 2+ hours to a clinical site in order to get your time.
  6. by   Hed2007
    Hi, NAURN, thanks for your response.