1. Hello Nurses,

    I have a difficult decision I need to make. I have been doing a lot of searching online filtering through various schools. I would love to be a CRNA but cannot afford to take off for the 24 months that it would take to go to school (Solamente, we need my income). I have 3 young children, and have decided that I am also interested in PMHNP, but because I already have an MSN I have to go through a post-master's certificate, and because of the 3 most important people (my children) I need to do it 100% online. That being said, I am finding it more and more difficult to find a post-master's online program that won't cost us an arm and a leg, or our first born.

    What I have been seeing is that there are a number of FNP programs that are online with rolling admissions that may get my to where i need to be so that I can get to more PMHNP programs that are offered online but limited to NPs already in practice, which would open up the school pool much wider.

    I don't know many PMHNPs who have the same problem that I have (already having an MSN that is not in an APRN). Is there another avenue to consider? Anyone's answers or suggestions are welcome. Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   shibaowner
    APRNs who are not PMHNPs also have to complete a post-master's certificate to become a PMHNP. While you can find 100% didactic content online programs, you must still complete your clinical hours in-person. Some programs will find your preceptors, while others will not and then it is up to you to get them.

    These programs are not outrageously expensive. Johns Hopkins is about $15K for the PMHNP certificate and it is 100% online and that is for a private school. You should check with your state public schools to see if there are certificate programs that charge in-state tuition. The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is a good resource and they have a list of graduate programs here:
    Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Graduate Programs by State - American Psychiatric Nurses Association

    Most schools that offer a regular 2 year PMHNP also offer a post-master's certificate.

    In addition, there are grants and scholarships you may be eligible for. APNA also lists some of those on their website. Since psych is suffering from a shortage of providers, many states have loan repayment programs as well.

    Good luck.