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  1. Anyone currently in Otterbein's FNP program? I would love to hear about your experience. Are you full or part-time? How has the hybrid program worked for you? I've applied for the May 2018 class but have not heard anything yet..... fingers crossed!!

    Anyone else apply?
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  3. by   popowitz
    I applied too! Good luck! I think it may be Febuary-ish before we hear something.
  4. by   geminiBSN75
    Good Luck to you!!! I'm hoping to find more classmates and students currently in the program! How did your interview go?
  5. by   popowitz
    Thanks! Honestly, I am not sure how it went or what to expect. I graduated in 2003 with my ADN and finally finished my BSN earlier this year. I have a strong clinical background and a high GPA. However, I have been in insurance the last few years as an educator. So, it may hurt my ability to get in because I am not currently in a clinical setting. I guess it will depend on how many applied and how I compare to others. The program seemed like the best fit for me but I've started to consider other schools as well. In terms of online, haven't found much in the way of other current students but past comments have always been positive in regards to the program.

    How did your interview go?
  6. by   geminiBSN75
    I think it went well. The person who I was scheduled to interview with was out on a family emergency so I interviewed with the director (I think). I was interviewed with another person (applicant)as well, so that was kind of weird. I hated hand writing our response to the question at the end. I have poor handwriting and I feel much better at typing! lol I'm hoping I made a good first impression, b/c I really want to attend Otterbein. I did apply to other schools to keep my options open just in case.
  7. by   geminiBSN75
    So I got a letter today in the mail. I was not accepted to Otterbein.....
  8. by   popowitz
    I'm sorry. That is odd that you interviewed with abother applicant.Came here to post that I got a letter today too. I did get an acceptance letter. So I'm relieved. Did you apply anywhere else?
  9. by   heiheihei
    I just recieved an acceptance letter to otterbein today as well. Now I am trying to decide between Cincinnati, mccn and otterbein.
  10. by   popowitz
    Nice choices! Which ones are leaning more towards?
  11. by   popowitz
    @gemini-- I missed the last comment where you applied to other schools. Have you heard anything from the other schools you applied?
  12. by   geminiBSN75
    Yes. I was accepted to the U of Cincinnati. I am happy about it but Otterbein was #1. Congrats on your acceptance! I have heard nothing but great things about the program!!!! I'm so jealous! But life is taking me where I'm supposed to be I guess. Good Luck popowitz!
  13. by   benavarn
    Hello to all.. I am new to this site. I too plan to go to FNP school this summer and got accepted to all schools I applied to. Was wondering about if I choose the right choice. Well, everyone's circumstances are different.
    I am leaning toward U of Cincinnati than Chamberlain or Otterbein due to student loan (government loan given if you take > 5 credits each semester). Thinking I can finish the program in 7 semesters with U of C. But I never have online classes before. So Nervous about that!! Can someone that is in the same situation, what will you choose?
  14. by   geminiBSN75
    Otterbein was my #1 choice (didn't get in) due to cost and high pass rate on the NP boards. I also liked their program set up (hybrid). I live in NE Ohio so it would have been a big commitment driving to Columbus up to once a week but I think that is why they have such a great program.
    I also applied to U of Cincy and got it. They also have a good program but the class load looks heavy as is with 9 semesters! Its 100% online and they are about $12,000 more for the program.
    I also applied to Walden (similar to Chamberlain) and was accepted. I think most people get into Walden. This is slightly more expensive than U of Cincy.
    So if I were you (b/c you are I would choose Otterbein. I've heard nothing but great things about their program.
    Good luck with your choice!