Loyola bsn - dnp online format

  1. I just got accepted to Loyola's BSN to DNP program. Is anyone familiar with the online Loyola online platform & class format?
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  3. by   wengreen
    Hello and congrats.! I got accepted in December. I can't wait to begin. I am not familiar with the format. Do you know when classes start? I can't seem to find any information on the website. I'm sure we will find out soon enough though. Congrats again.
  4. by   Cwiema
    Hi and congrats to you too. I looked online at Loyola's academic calendar and the summer semester starts on May 21. I don't know if that applies to us, however. I'm sure we will learn lots at orientation. I live near the New Orleans area. Where do you live? Have you made travel arrangements yet? Could we exchange emails & Facebook info? I know there are a few others who will be in our cohort on this forum. It would be fun to stay in touch before we meet in person. I'm really excited too, and so looking forward to April 30! Hope to hear from you soon!
  5. by   wengreen
    Of course. U live in Jacksonville, Fl. Email is wengreen2004@yahoo.com my fb is shun tayva. I have been looking at the list she sent out. They are so expensive. I was leaning towards the Sheraton right now. We all should definitely join to together for support. Its gonna be challenging but rewarding. I also responded to you regarding the nurse faculty repayment postings. Keep in touch here and fb.
  6. by   wengreen
    I meant I live in J'ville. Typing from phone
  7. by   Cwiema
    It'll be great to "know' each other before we get there. Hotels in the city can be expensive, especially in the spring when the weather is so nice. We're gonna have a great time, I know! I visit the city a lot and lived there for several years, so I know some good places to eat, etc. It might be fun to get together after class for drinks or dinner. I'm really excited about being involved in this program. My email is cathywiemann@msn.com. My fb is Catherine Wiemann in Houma, LA. Keeping in touch would be great.
  8. by   wengreen
    I totally agree. Have you. Conversed with Devina Horton? devina_h07@yahoo.com?
  9. by   Cwiema
    Yes I have. I sent Elena an email the other day about when class starts. She said we would be introduced to first classes in orientation. There's no date set for first day of class. She said she would let us know as soon as it's decided.
  10. by   elp2000
    Congratulations to both of you for being accepted into the BSN to DNP program at Loyola. I was accepted as well to begin this Summer. Very excited.
  11. by   wengreen
    I have attempted to develop a facebook page as a meet n greet but some people cant find it. Please try. No worries DNP 2015. Look forward to meeting everyone. Have you decided where you are staying yet?
  12. by   elp2000
    I am still working on making reservations for orientation in May. I am glad to start knowing people before the program actually starts. Where are you staying?
  13. by   wengreen
    They are all so expensive but I am thinking about Iberville Suites. Some say it may be cheaper to go outside if city limits. What is your real name and address n fb acct. We are all trying to keep up with each other. I am Wendy Murphy from Jacksonville, Fl. I wish the fb page I created would work. My email address is wengreen2004@yahoo.com
  14. by   wengreen
    Has anyone started to look for preceptors yet. I was thinking of trying the preceptorconnect.com to take some of the pressure off of looking for one. Do any of you know of anyone who has used this website before?