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  1. I have an interview next week for the FNP BSN-DNP program at Oklahoma City Univ. Does anyone have any interview tips or example questions?? Anything would be much appreciated
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  3. by   Staceyvesh

    Did you have your interview yet ???
    I'm also wondering what kind of questions get asked.
  4. by   secretagent2011
    Nope it's Monday! Ill let you know what they ask. It said it will only be 20 mins!
  5. by   Staceyvesh
  6. by   Staceyvesh
    Please do!!! I have mine on Tuesday!!! How are you preparing for it?? Good luck!!
  7. by   secretagent2011
    Where are you interviewing? And I've been reading questions online and had some friends send me what they were asked. Also my dad is a physician and his friends have been asking me what they ask in med school interviews
  8. by   Staceyvesh
    I'm in canada.... Do you have any tips that you can share from your friends or dad???
  9. by   secretagent2011
    Know the diff between PA and NP, what setting you see yourself working in, weakness/strengths, why you want to do NP, do you see physicians as peers or superiors
  10. by   Staceyvesh
    Thank you!!!!
  11. by   secretagent2011
    My interview was very tough. They asked what I would do my capstone over, asked if I would legally be able to prescribe insulin, what my scope of practice would be, what symptoms I would expect to see in my future patients.
  12. by   Staceyvesh
    Mine was very general. Very laid back and I felt like I did pretty well. Yours does sound like it was hard, wow. When do u find out if you get in?
  13. by   secretagent2011
    Letters/emails go out today. I'm assuming if I don't get an email today that I didn't get it. I've heard bad news always comes through mail. What about you?
  14. by   Staceyvesh
    May 16 by either a phone call or nothing. So did u hear?