I don't want to be blindsided again, FNP student at Indiana Wesleyan

  1. I am currently a FNP student at Indiana Wesleyan University living in Kentucky. There are so many nursing schools out there and as my time at IWU is nearing an end I am starting to regret my decision to attend.

    Before pursuing nursing, I went to Ball State University and studied health education. So I was always familiar with IWU. It was less than an hour from my school. I moved to Ky after graduating and went back for nursing. I did the whole ADN and BSN thing in KY. No regrets there.

    Fast forward I am in a program now that I feel like I am not being challenged enough. I know the program is still new but are there any NPs out there who attended IWU and felt prepared to practice? I am hearing from other FNP students working with clinical preceptors that they are not taking anymore students from online programs because they are concerned about their knowledge base. Second, trying to make the most of my education at this point. What did you wish you would have learned or experienced or your take away from your experience with your preceptor? I am hoping to gain more skills, knowledge, and a different mindset from this upcoming experience. I want to be prepared and not feel blindsided as I do now.
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    How did things turn out for you?

    I starting IWU's psych np program in the fall and have concerns. Advice?