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    This is my first post on the forum. I did a search, and it seems like there isn't very much information regarding Holy Names University's (located in Oakland, CA) FNP program. Has anybody here either attended the program or worked with their students? After speaking with their adviser, it seems like the program is set up well and they are quite flexible with clinical placements. I'd like to spend some clinical time in an emergency department because I think it'd be a great place to learn certain skills and see how to treat medical problems that one might not see or treat in their office. Anyways... I'd like to hear some feedback regarding their program and specifically how it compares to other Bay Area programs such as SMU or UCSF. It seems like HNU's schedule is very friendly for those students who choose to work during the program.
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  3. by   jk61
    I am looking at Holy Names post master's FNP certificate and am in the application process. I researched 40 schools throughout the country and this program is one that still has regular classes (not all web based) and it is flexible, the classes are 4 days each month and not weekly. They have an information session next Thursday at 530, I will attend and hope to speak to the faculty, maybe you should go and get a feel for how you fit with their philosophy.