Here's how I passed the ANCC FNP Exam

  1. When I was preparing for this test, I spent a lot of time googling and researching what people said about it on here and various other places. I took the exam yesterday. I spent about three weeks studying. I used the Fitzgerald c.d.s as well as the corresponding workbook. I listened to all the c.d.s and went through the workbook at least 4 times. I also bought the APEA question bank (I don't recommend it). What did help was the practice tests on the ANCC website. They are pricey at $99 for 150 questions, but I swear maybe one or two were identical to the questions on the test.

    So the test...
    It IS as bad as they say. I have a psychology degree, which must have helped, because it was as if they were doing one of those job interview surveys just to see if you could spot a subtle nuance in how rewording an ethical question answer would make it not the best choice. I don't know if the weird ones were the 25 they don't include in your score, but I had never heard anything like it. Overall, the test consisted of a lot of things we didn't spend much time on in school, or at least remember. Like cohort observational studies, beneficence, sensitivity/specificity, Prochaska's, independent variables, and ethics/cultural questions. The lab tests did not have the normal ranges. Seemed like a handful of questions on clinical information, and maybe those were weighted differently. Point is, study your Fitzgerald, as I feel like knowing the JNC VII, application of cranial nerves, murmurs, and pharm are what get you through, point-wise, on this test. The rest is reaching in the dark at concepts we don't use or need for our future careers. Best of luck guys, just trying to help. Oh, and RELIEVED that this part of my life (school/prep/testing) is complete!
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  3. by   Katiekv
    Is it worth it to study the exact dosages of the medications? Thanks!
  4. by   verypatient
    How long did it take you to study all that material? I will take mine on August 1st. Any tips?
  5. by   jamonit
    I studied classes of medications, not specific medications. Know safety concerns per class. HTN meds and DM meds appeared on my exam. I studied over one month, but several hours a day.
  6. by   nkh1223
    I agree. HTN and DM meds. Know your cranial nerves, Piaget's theory, expected growth and development, cultural norms with communication, HIPPA and Medicare/Medicaid. If you want practice tests, I highly recommend 75% of my reviewing was through taking the practice exams. Worth every penny!
  7. by   verypatient
    Passed the ANCC FNP exam last Monday!! It was not as bad as I thought. Thanks all of you for the information!
  8. by   sjonesnp82
    are you selling any of your material?