Help! Nursing leadership paper topic!!

  1. I am in my first semester of DNP school and in my Advanced Practice Nursing class we are to pick a topic regarding nursing leadership.

    The purpose of the paper is as follows to give a better idea:

    "The purpose of this assignment is for the student to write a scholarly paper analyzing an important problem or issue in their chosen practice area (Family Nurse Practitioner) and describe how leadership by nurses with graduate education can address or resolve the problem or issue in the context of contemporary health care. You will describe a hypothetical or actual application of nursing leadership in a specific situation. This paper should describe how to implement ideas to bring about change to address the problem or concern. This is not a paper about expecting nursing care, a health condition, or report on a disease or problem- it is about leadership, describing an application of leadership in this specific situation."

    I would LOVE to have some ideas thrown at me if anyone has any? For some reason I am struggling to come up with something that has good research to back it up. THANK YOU!!!
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  3. by   J.Adderton
    You are director of a hospital unit/floor. HCAHPS patient satisfaction surveys scores have steady declined for the indicator "nurse communication". As a leader, you implement a nurse bedside reporting initiative and engage staff in the "buy in and process".