Get my MSN online and then a post-master's or go straight to and MSN FNP program?

  1. i am so lost right now in what i should do. i have been taking university of phoenix online classes toward my msn and my plan was to go slow while working full-time and raising my family, then obtain my post-master's in fnp from a school i could attend in person (my kids would be in school full time and it would allow it by then). i am 21 credits into my msn (half way through). i am having doubts about my plan because, for example, kent state has so many pre-req's for a post-masters that it would take me at least 3 years to get through their program! after my planned 3-years msn at uop, then i'm supposed to go for another 3 to kent?? no thanks! what do i do? also, if i apply straight into the msn program at kent now they will only accept 12 credit transfers...i guess that i can eat that if i have to, but man, i wish now that i just went straight into an msn - np program last year when i started this. any thoughts? i am willing to either continue and obtain my msn through uop by the end of next year and take the long track to np (but remember the 2015 dnp issue), or i drop my current plan and start applying for an msn fnp program now (which i'm probably too late for spring semester admission now). starting in summer 2012 i guess will work. thoughts? please help me!! i'm a good student, have a 4.0 at uop, had a 3.8 at kent state for my bsn, and i've been an icu nurse for almost 7 years now. please ask me to clarify if this is hard to read--i need your help! p.s. that was supposed to read: get my msn online and then a post-master's or go straight to an msn fnp program?
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