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  1. Hey everyone! So, I've been doing a lot of research on FNP programs, and actually had never heard of Frontier until I did some reading on Allnurses. Love Allnurses! Frontier looks like a great school, good, solid program that also has an orientation so you don't feel like you're just typing on the computer all of the time, gives a sense of community.

    Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about family and career like many women my age, I assume lol, who want children. My hubby and I really would like to start our family in the near future. Does Frontier allow you to skip one semester and come back? I saw that other programs allow you to do that, but it looks to me as though Frontier is concerned that people won't finish by one of the essay topics I saw. I think that if I choose this program then I would have to delay starting a family; maybe we could time the pregnancy so that I'm pregnant, but not overly pregnant once I finish? Then, I could at least sit for boards before the baby pops out lol, and then apply for FNP jobs while the baby naps, and I feel ready to start working a few months later. Does this seem reasonable or insane? I would go to the program full time, so I'd be 29 when I would finish.

    I'm sure there's someone else on here that's had similar family/career conflicts . You really want to advance your career, but family is also important. I'm just afraid that if I don't go back now, when would I? Can't exactly leave a newborn baby for KY a few times, and a bunch of clinicals with no family in the area, and a hubby who is working. lol.
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  3. by   doulalove
    Hi there! That is definitely a lot to think about! I am a full-time CNM student at Frontier, I have a 3 year old, am 16 weeks pregnant, and work part-time!
    Yes, Frontier does allow one to take a leave of absence. As soon as I told my advisor that I'm pregnant, she suggested that I may need to consider taking a leave when the time comes.
    As far as when to get pregnant, I think that's completely a personal decision! I weighed the pros and cons... To me, it seemed like having a baby while I'm mostly at home and doing school online (at least until clinicals) would be easier than having a new baby and trying to start a new job as a CNM. My thoughts were that once I graduate, I want to really focus on getting my career started and not delay working once I have all of these new skills I'll be excited to practice. I don't think waiting to have a baby is insane at all! Again, I think it's a completely personal decision and only you know what you can handle.
    You wouldn't necessarily need to leave your baby to go to Frontier Bound or Clinical Bound. Several women brought their families with them to Frontier Bound (with hubby caring for the kids), but I am sure that a small, nursing baby would be welcome regardless.
    And yes, childcare will be an issue when it's time for clinicals, as it will be when working. But, I figure that I don't have to be at clinicals like I'd have to be a at a job, so my schedule would be a little more flexible as a student than as a midwife. We'll see how it all works out Good luck!
  4. by   Good Morning, Gil
    Thanks for your input! You sound pretty busy! Glad to hear it's possible to balance it all, though. And, that they let you take a leave of absence if necessary, and that they encourage it in certain situations. Lots to think about! I guess we can only plan life to a certain extent. Life does just happen. But, obviously, I can either try to prevent pregnancy or encourage it...these are decisions I can make haha. Sometimes, I think it'd be easier to be a house wife back in the 40's; that was your role, and you tried to do it well. Now, we women try to take on the pains of child labor, go to school, and save dying patients all in the same week lol. (I'm kidding, of course).

    Can't wait to start my school journey...whenever that may be! Next year, 1 pregnancy from now, 3 babies from now lol. But, I really, really want to go to school STATly.

    Hope you're enjoying the midwife program!
  5. by   ErinRiz
    I noticed that in your post you said the online programs "gives a sense of community." I am not a nurse but I work with online communities and I am wondering if you would mind sending me a short note to let me know what you think gives that sense of community? What is it about the program that does that?
  6. by   Good Morning, Gil
    Only this particular program seems to do that. Online programs are in no way about fostering community. Convenience only, and easy money for a university. That's not to say that one should choose a school based on convenience only; I'm only attending an online program if it has a solid curriculum as not only am I paying for school, but peoples' lives will be entrusted to me (and to the students graduating). But, this program is well rated, and tries to make a sense of community with students through orientation and a crash course to prepare for clinical placements. This has become my top choice as it is very well rated. Duke was also on my list, but it costs twice as much, so not very affordable for me.