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  1. I'm in my second to last semester of an FNP program and I am becoming increasingly concerned that I will not be able to find part time employment from the start. I'm talking 20 hrs max/week. I have 2 young children and day care is an issue as well as I want to raise my kids. I'm torn bc I feel too deep into the program to stop now, but I don't want to be doing all this school work and trying to balance work and family for nothing. Has anyone been able to work part time after completing their FNP? The only opportunities I've really seen are CVS minute clinic jobs.

    I appreciate any feedback. I worry that I will lose all skills and after time of not finding a job get comfortable in my RN work as I've heard many do after school.
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  3. by   elizabell
    I am in a similar situation. I have a young child and graduated earlier this year, hoping to find part-time work so that I can be home at least part of the time.

    I attended a webinar info session with a Minute Clinic recruiter and she said it was extremely unlikely that she would hire a new grad NP as part-time. At least according to her, their part-time NP positions are reserved for experienced NPs who will require less training/orientation.

    I was able to find part-time work straight out of school doing Home Risk Assessments as a contractor where I am paid per visit. I make my own schedule and work 16 hours/week. However, it is not the best experience because you are not really treating or prescribing. However, the flexibility cannot be beat!

    I took the position because it sort of fell into my lap and it was a good transition out of school and back into the work place. I have been working for them for 2 months however, I was recently offered a permanent position at a primary care office where I did a clinical rotation in school. I was able to negotiate one day off per week so I am only 80% full-time but I still get benefits. Although it will be hard to leave my family at home 4 days a week, I know that this is the best thing for my career and my professional development.

    It's all a trade-off. :/

    I think you may be able to find something <20 hours per week but you will probably find that it's not the ideal job or the best experience for your resume. Although, I'm sure this depends on how under- or over-saturated your local job market is.