Drexel online fnp msn 2018

  1. I have being searching for topics on DREXEL ONLINE MSN FNP 2018 and I could not find any. I decided to open a topic.
    How is the program like? I currently do not have anyone in the program and I just need more information on how it runs. I would really appreciate any and all input.
    PS. I applied and I am still waiting to hear back.
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  3. by   Margo37
    Hi! I started Drexel's PNP program last fall. Can't speak to the FNP specific stuff but these first few quarters are the same no matter what track you're in so I'd be happy to answer any questions!
  4. by   boujeebarbie
    @Margo37 thanks for your response. Are individuals allowed to transfer to full time after admission? What month did you start the program? what is your take on work and family balance while in the program? when is the first exam, is it immediately after admission? I think the questions are enough now lol. Thanks
  5. by   Margo37
    I don't believe there is a full time option, at least there isn't for PNP. There is a helpful quarter-by-quarter plan of study on the website, and they pretty much follow that to a T. You can work with your advisor to move things around if you need to but most don't. I started in September 2017 and will be done June 2020. So far it hasn't been too hard to juggle school/work/life, but I did just switched to part time this month. I definitely could have managed full time until clinical if I really wanted to, but we were able to swing it and since I'm on nights I was feeling like it was just in a 24/7 cycle of work, sleep, school and didn't have a ton of free time. It's definitely relieved some stress, but I definitely don't think it's necessary. Most people stay full time until clinicals start and do just fine. And I'm a little confused by your last question about the first exam. Right after admission? Or do you mean right at the start of the first quarter? Either way, I haven't actually had any exams yet since the first 3 quarters are all writing-based (at least for the PNP program). They get all the general MSN classes (research, ethics, etc) out of the way right at the beginning. So far my classes have been primarily a mix of discussion boards and one or two papers or projects. Next semester I take Patho, so obviously that will change then. I will say overall I've been really impressed with the program so far!
  6. by   boujeebarbie
    Thank you... you practically covered every area. I hope to ask more questions hopefully when I get accepted. Thanks
  7. by   boujeebarbie
    @margo37, I got accepted into the FNP program. So what should I expect next.
  8. by   Margo37
    Congrats!! I don't remember exactly what happened afterwards. You have a certain amount of time to accept the offer of admission and then I feel like it's radio silence for a little bit until things get closer. They give you info on how to set up your email and accounts and then you'll receive an email from your advisor sometime mid summer about how to register for your first quarter. I also believe there was an online orientation session in there somewhere as well. I find Drexel to be really good with communication so they will keep you posted on what's needed from you and what's coming next. Congrats again!
  9. by   boujeebarbie
    @margo Thanks you. Good to know that they are prompt with sharing important information. I hope some other applicants join this thread soon. I feel I am the only one that was accepted... Lol. How many credits did you take on your first semester and what were the classes?
  10. by   Margo37
    Yeah I didn't find any other Drexel people on here when I started either haha. I took 6 credits the first quarter, it was an ethics class and one on contemporary issues in healthcare. Both were actually pretty interesting
  11. by   boujeebarbie
    What text books did your class use and do I have the option of choosing my professors? By the way thanks for your quick response.
  12. by   Margo37
    Yup, before it's time to register you can look ahead and see the different sections and who the professors are. I don't remember exactly what my books were the first quarter but there will also be a link to the Drexel bookstore when you register for your classes that will tell you what books you need for each class and you can either buy them through there or find them for cheaper on Amazon or somewhere else.
  13. by   boujeebarbie
    Thank you @margo
  14. by   boujeebarbie
    Hello @margo, did you have any exams in your first semester or were they all papers and response to topic threads? How quick are professors in responding to students concern and questions? I have been sought of just thinking about the lack of personal contact with online study and due to the fact that i have not met anyone online in the same boat as myself I am having sought of a weird feeling. Please bail me out.. thanks