Doing clinicals at CVS Minute clinic?

  1. Hi all! I have been offered 150 hours of clinical at my local CVS minute clinic. The clinic is relatively new, and we do also have urgent care places as well as a hospital and various medical offices nearby, so I'm not sure how much action it gets.... putting that aside for the moment, I'm wondering about the potential for the experience. If anyone's done clinicals at a minute clinic I'd love to hear about your experience.

    To give some additional background, I am currently doing clinicals in a really interesting family practice and could continue there in the spring (I'm now in Adult/Geri but they're letting me be in the family practice, so obviously I could continue there for next semester's clinical which is across the lifespan)... I love my current placement but I feel like the experience is very specific - mostly in a good way (very dedicated and holistic provider, probably takes more time with each patient than the average practice would allow).... so, though I have concerns that Minute clinic will be too in-and-out, cookie cutter medical approach, I wonder if having that will oddly complement what I'm doing now so that I will see both sides of the coin.

    Thanks for any info or advice you can provide!

    -Ellen, FNP-to-be
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  3. by   elizabell
    If you are at all considering working at the Minute Clinic, it is a good foot in the door. A Minute Clinic recruiter told me that they strongly favor hiring NPs who did a clinical rotation at their sites.
  4. by   BSN2FNP-BC
    Hi Ellen,

    Question for you. Did you go to your local CVS minute clinic or did you contact corporate? Very curious as I am looking for preceptors for spring 2018 and having a difficult time locating some. I live in the Dallas Forth Worth area and it is very competitive.
  5. by   Esnooopy
    My school applied us all. I think CVS is under the impression that I myself applied, but I just did what my school told me to do. I think it is too late to get it for spring 2018, as they already sent out the acceptance emails. Here is their website College Students
  6. by   shibaowner
    It is great to have urgent care experience. I will say that it depends somewhat on location. I did a rotation in urgent care in an inner city and it was nonstop action - my favorite clinical rotation. However, a friend of mine did an urgent care rotation in an upper middle class area and hardly anyone came in! LOL