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  1. I've been doing a little early research on graduate programs while I'm still in nursing school (a little more motivation keep my butt on the Dean's list) and I'm very interested in Columbia's post BSN DNP AG-ACNP program, but the website seems to be lacking some detailed information on the application requirements.

    On the FAQs and "How to Apply" it indicates that you should have a B in the prerequisites, but it doesn't mention what the prerequisites are. It also doesn't indicate how much time has to pass between your BSN and applying to the program (or if BSN students with an anticipated graduation date before the DNP start date are eligible), nor does it mention whether or not you have to have X years of experience as a practicing nurse or if we need to have a portfolio in order to apply. I'm kind of expecting that they won't take a new grad's application seriously, but I'd rather know what my timeline is looking like, so here I am hoping to find a few folks who have been through this with Columbia.

    I would expect that most people work for a few years prior to applying, which I will probably want for myself being that I'm leaning towards acute care; but I've heard about a lot of people jumping straight into grad school. Just curious! Thanks in advance

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  3. by   emmanem830
    Hello, I graduated nursing school this past May in Texas and I currently work in Houston. I am also interested in that program at Columbia but the Primary Care Adult Gerontology DNP. I visited the campus back in May and talked to an admissions counselor. He told me that they don't require experience and they take new grads. I would assume that you would have had to have graduated before applying because they need to see your BSN degree before they can review accepting you into a doctoral program. I want to say the program begins in June and applications open the Fall before. If you graduate in Spring, you probably cannot apply until the following Fall. Which kind of sucks because that means you would have an entire year of not doing anything. I would urge you to consider working as an RN for 2 years, applying after your first year, because the experience is invaluable. The experience will give you a one-up on most applicants and only make you a better NP, especially because you want to work in acute care. I have no idea about the prereqs question. I know they want you to send all of your transcripts from any secondary school and statistics just needs to be a B and taken within the last 5 years. You also need a GRE. I do think the biggest part of the application is the essay portion. The admissions counselor told me that and I have also heard from others.
  4. by   sarolaRN
    Hey Emmanem,
    I actually got in touch with them myself to clarify the admissions process and criteria, it is true that no work experience is required and the pre requisites are satisfied by the ASN and BSN for me. I definitely plan on getting a few years of experience under my belt before applying, I feel like it's important to develop clinical judgment and bedside manner before moving up the rungs of the career ladder. Without experience I don't personally feel that I would be ready to be a nurse practitioner upon graduating!
    Wishing you luck in your application process!