Can I afford NP school??

  1. Hey guys, new to this website, but firgured this is the perfect place to ask the question. Can I really afford NP school? I am single, not married, no kids, and nothing holding me back. I am almost finished my BSN (done in July), and have been an ICU RN for almost 3 years now. I really would like to go back to school next year, 2014, and start getting my NP. The thing is, I live by myself, so I am paying for my entire apartment by myself. Even if I find a roommate to cut the costs in half, will I be able to possibly work agency part time and still afford it? I have student loans, but can put those on deferment while getting my NP. I have no credit card debt, but I do have a car payment each month of $300. How much can I work while still attending NP school? Possibly work more during the first half, but work less towards the second half of school? Are the loans/scholarships out there for me? Should I save for a few years before starting school? Should I/can I get loans to help pay for rent? Is that even smart? Any input from experience, or tips would be very greatful. Thanks!
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    There are many ways to pay for your education. Start by figuring out how much the program you're interested in will cost. You can apply for a loan, you can seek scholarship opportunities, you can get tuition reimbursement from your place of employment, and you can also set aside part of your salary as nurse towards the cost of your tuition. Past students have come up with ways to finance their education.

    Personally, I attended a state university and took advantage of in-state tuition cost, received an HRSA grant that paid for a big chunk of my tuition, availed of tuition reimbursement from work (not a big amount), and paid the rest of the school expenses with my salary as a nurse. I had a home mortgage and a car payment but I am also part of a two-income family.