1. I haven't posted anything on here in a long time, but since so many members have been so nice to share their experiences and how they felt taking the AGNP test, I figured I would do the same. I just passed, first attempt last week.

    I actually finished my Adult Gero NP program last year but due to family illnesses I put off taking the test or even studying - I just had no time, but family comes first. I finally realized that the longer I waited, the more difficult it would be for me to sit and take the test, and pass. Around April or May of this year I finally started causally studying when I had time and really buckled down in July. It did take about a month for me to get my confirmation to test and during that time, I just wanted the wait to be over. I wanted to sit for the test and get it done and over with.

    I really researched between the two exams and I decided to go with the ANCC, which made me nervous because I am horrible at the law/profession/research type of questions. When I sat a few years ago for my CCRN exam, although I passed, that was my worst section on the exam.

    What I used to study:
    I started with the Berkley CDs and manual. They were okay for a general review of system but I did not feel like he covered a lot as far as the profession/law/research and cultural sections. He also advises against practice questions. I totally disagree with his reasoning on this. All throughout nursing school and graduate school, even studying for the CCRN, practice questions were the best learning tool for me and helped me remember the information and tie everything together when reading the rationales. I would also take notes on important questions that I did not get right. I felt like there were a lot of important things Berkley left out that I found in the Leik Book/questions. Everyone has a different learning style and questions work the best for me. They also prepare you for the real test in my opinion.

    The Leik book was great. She covered all of the different body systems in depth and the practice questions reflected the reviews. I downloaded the app on my phone and would do the questions on my phone when I had time.

    Lastly, three days before the exam, I wanted more variety and more questions so I signed up for Board Vitals review questions and did all 1490 questions in three days. LOL.
    I was a nervous wreck when I sat for the test. It was freezing in the testing center, I was literally shaking at the end because I was nervous and because it was freezing in there! The lady told me sweatshirts are allowed (I didn't bring one because I figured from their strict rules it wouldn't be allowed). Also, religious jewelry is okay. I NEVER take my chain off with a miraculous medal, my husbands badge, and a St. Jude medal. I was so relieved when they said religious jewelry was okay to wear.

    You have to pep talk yourself during the test and tell yourself you can get through it! 200 questions is brutal. It took me about 3hrs and 30mins, no break. I wanted to go back and review more but I was so tired of sitting there I had to get out ASAP!

    I read a lot of mixed reviews on here of how people felt for the test. Some people said they felt a lot of the questions were from left field, and some said they felt it was clear and to the point. I found some of the questions to be tricky and most were waaaay out there! You really have to read and re-read the questions. The way some of them are worded is horrible and that alone can throw you off.

    The drag and drop questions were pretty easy and straight forward. I like the select all that apply as well because they would say "select two answers" which helped you narrow down your answers more. The pictures weren't bad either.

    When I got to the end, I was telling myself that if I failed, I wouldn't even know how to change my study habits or what to focus on for the next time because the questions were just not what I expected. I was also expecting the lady outside the room to hand me a paper that said pass or fail which made me nervous if I did fail, for her to see it too. I was so excited when I clicked finish and the computer told me I passed. I'm so glad its over! Now on to looking for a new job and submitting all my paperwork to the state.

    My advice would be don't change your study habits! Do what works for YOU! Make flash cards, do questions, write down things you are unsure of so you can go back and review later. Sleep good the night before and eat a good meal before taking the test, especially If you don't plan on taking a break. Most of all believe in yourself! You can pass this test!
    Thank you everyone for posting your stories and advice, it helped when preparing. Good luck to everyone getting ready to take the test! You got this!!
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  3. by   spiritualnurse913
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I graduated May 2018 and have rescheduled to take the test 2 times...I have been doing questions from FNP mastery, Leik & ANCC website. I learn better with questions as well...I'm so nervous to sit because I question if I really know the content and concepts. I can do questions and score high, but I still second guessing myself. I sit next week for the exam...Praying that I pass and get to the other side of this exam. Thank you again for your feed back