Advocacy for "Raising the Bar"

  1. I've been browsing the boards this evening, and have been really heartened to see so many NP students/NPs frustrated by the same thing-- the low, low standards in NP education. Honestly, it's sort of horrifying. I'm still pro-NP in theory, but after my own recent NP education, I'm not sure that I feel as comfortable going to one myself! I hate saying that.

    Every NP and NP student I know in real life and respect feels the same way-- we need to raise standards for schooling, the board exam, and move more and more towards NP fellowship/residency training.

    I also feel REALLLLY strongly that every NP should be a nurse for a few years before beginning an MSN-- you can tell when someone has been a nurse and someone has not. The direct-entry, in my opinion, is both a cash-grad and often attracts people who think they are "above" RNs/basic bedside nursing.

    Our nursing organizations are always promoting advocacy, but this is the advocacy I am personally most interested in. The best way to get independent practice authority is to have really quality education and practitioners to point to.

    I should probably apologize for being rant-y/offending people/etc, but I'm not going to. I'm frustrated that the field I love is not keeping rigorous standards. the best thing I ever did was become a nurse, and I love being one; I want the profession to thrive going forward.

    Is anyone else in agreement? Is there more we can be doing to voice our concerns to the powers that be?
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