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  1. Hello Everyone

    I received notification that I was accepted into the FNP program at Otterbein University in OH. It is a hybrid program, an online program with attending class one night a week. I am very excited, I begin in Fall '13. Just wondering if there is anyone else that will be attending this program at the same time? It would be really nice to know some folks before the program begins. Additionally, the school is in Westerville, OH which is outside of Columbus and I live in the Dayton area. It will be quite a commute for class each week. Maybe someone else lives near me and we could commute together?

    Another question...It is a 3 year program however there is the option of combining the first 2 years, meaning I could finish in 2 years. If I did the 3 year program...each semester for the first 2 years, I would take 3 credit hours. However, if I combined the first couple years, it would be 6 credit hours. The last year consists of clinicals and is 5-7 CH). I have seen many students on this forum state that have taken on as much as 8 credit hours, still work full time, and also maintain a family and home without being too overwhelmed. I am looking for some input on the intensity of course work. I do not want school to dominate my life. I want plenty of time of to spend with my family. However, I would like to complete this program in 2 years. I am kinda worried that this DNP in 2015 will come to fruition and if I take 3 years to complete this program, I will graduate in 2016! Just wondering if 6 credit hours would be too demanding? I tend to be a good student however, like many of us, struggle with writing papers.

    Yet another question. The curriculum requirements of this program consists of 37 hours (not including the 600 clinical hours). Are these the only courses I will be required to take or are there typically electives within the NP programs as well? There aren't any electives listed or mentioned so I assume it is just the FNP classes.

    I appreciate any comments or input.
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  3. by   jennyatk
    Saw ur post and was wondering how otterbein has been going? I have applied for 2014!
  4. by   PatsFan1969
    Otterbein is great so far. I have finished 2 semesters. I opted to complete the program in 3 years. The faculty is wonderful and supportive.
  5. by   mattnnj
    I've been accepted starting May '15 and also live in Dayton. Anyone else who lives nearby interested in commuting together?
  6. by   nursedc108
    i also got accepted and will be start this may!
  7. by   advRN9
    Do you find you are able to work 24 hours a week while doing the 3 year option? What is the online portion of classes like? Graduate level online classes worry me...