AANP 2017

  1. Hi TEAM!! I am preparing to take the AANP FNP exam on Nov 6 2017---- I have my 9 moth old at home and have zero funds for exam review materials----would anyone be willing to loan me a copy of their exam ? book? Some folks said they really though Hollier and Fitzgerald were the most helpful and best to do as many questions as possible?? I can pay for shipping and fees etc via pay pal!!! and willing to send book(s) back after the exam!

    Any current-ish review guide etc would be amazing!! or if there is a used review book from a review course?? ANY condition welcomed---ie marked up, torn, ragged etc! i just need a few review materials to study while nursing our little babe and to help focus my studies!!!

    THANK YOU in advance!!!!

    Jen RN
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