Student Nurse In Need of a CRNA for Quick Interview


Hi everyone, I'm somewhat new to as far as posting anything.

Although once in a while I would type in a question into Google and would have the answers I have been looking for and I bet I may have an answer to this question too.

First off, let me apologize to anyone if this has been posted before, although I doubt it unless an individual that posted was in the same class I'm in now.

I'm in search of a CRNA that could help answer some questions (Interview Style) for a paper I must write for my Nursing class.

Personally, I do not know any CRNA's but I know many post on here and this is why I'm trying.

The students in my classroom can choose any type of Nurse, but the profession that I'm striving for is a CRNA, so I thought it would be appropiate to interview one.

If you're interested, and I would be so grateful for your time; please email me the response, or just post in response to this one as there may be others needing this information as well someday.

It's up to you.

Below are my questions that I would ask you.

1. What are your daily responcibilities as a CRNA?

2. What is your educational background?

3. Why did you choose this particular path, and what educational/professional development activities do you attend?

4. Did you have prior Nursing jobs? How did you end up in yours now, and would you do anything differently?

5. Identify 2 professional challenges as a CRNA or within your nursing profession.

Thank you so much for your time (Those who chose to participate!!):)


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Thank you to the individual who emailed me. I'm all set with writing my paper now, very much appreciated!!

I would be interested in reading the answers to these questions as well. Thank you.