student looking for opinions


I am currently a nursing student in an ADN program and was wondering about my chances of being excepted to a CRNA program in the future. I have researched all the requirements for the programs and have read other post on here similar to what I am asking now. I have a cumulative GPA of 3.45 for my three years I've been in college, but my nursing grades aren't that good. I am passing, but my scores aren't as high as I'd like. Although I have maintained at least a 3.25 so far. I know I still need my BSN, and science courses are my thing. I believe I could make an A in almost any science course. My actual questions is, even with good grades in everything other than nursing, is a low nursing score gonna keep me out? I understand their are other things that determine if i am accepted but right now I'm just worried about making the acceptable grade. My overall grade in my first two semesters was a B, now I am in my third semester and I believe I still have a B, but i worried that it won't stay like that for long.

Another thing I'm worried about is repeating a semester(I don't know about other schools, but at mine if you fail a semester you get the chance to repeat it, but you only get one repeat). I am pretty sure that if I have to repeat a semester I am out of the running to get into CRNA school. But the thing about that is the previous semester(failed semester) doesn't go on your transcript. Anyway, I am just wondering if CRNA would be a possibility. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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