Struggling to decide between BCIT vs. UBC nursing


I'm struggling between these programs because BCIT is (based on my research) the more reputable school, has more clinical hours, and a smaller class size which likely means a better community. However, BCIT is a longer program and is delayed by 4 months because of the covid situation. UBC, I heard, has been criticized for being theory-based, harder to do well in courses, and the actual program is disorganized. However, it is shorter by a whole 1.5 years (including the covid delay) and I've heard people say that as long as you're certified as an RN it doesn't really matter where you go to school. For context, I've already finished a Bachelor's so I'm in my mid 20s and I feel like time is catching up with me. I was wondering if any of you have experience with either programs and if you would you go back and do it differently if you were not constrained by acceptance? Is the 1.5 year delay worth it to go to BCIT?

Thanks so much, any advice would help I'm so conflicted.