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Dear RNs:

First, please forgive me for taking up your time. I am a student of the University of La Verne in California. Currently, I am doing a research study on Registered Nurses and the impact of stress and stress management programs. I am sorry my study could not include CNAs, LVNs, and all others, but time would not allow this.

There is a very high burnout factor in the nursing profession and subsequently the public should have more knowledge of this and hopefully provide government support to help nurses (i.e., implement stress management programs, change overtime laws, etc).

If you have any interest please email me at [email protected]. Attached is a copy of the questionnaire, it is very short as this is a preliminary study. I hope to receive a grant to pursue this study further.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Best regards,

Margaret Reed

(If you decide to take th survey), following are the two ways.

BY EMAIL: Please be assured I will destroy your email address, etc, to assure confidentiality. Please kindly put your name where it states, "consent signature".

BY REG MAIL: Regular mail provides you with more anonymity by signing the consent form and fill out the questionnaire, but kindly send them in separate envelopes to the address enclosed.

*Please kindly use my address for the return address, that way you do not have to put your address on the envelope, which assures even further anonymity* Whatever way makes you feel more comfortable. The only thing is I feel bad you have to spend the money on the postage.

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