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Stress, Flu, Depressed, Insomnia


I am all of the above. Im currently working at a SNF and taking care of 35 patients at least during my shift. I've started working as a nurse since 2011, and from that point on, I have worked at 2 different SNF places. Almost worked at a 3rd one(all in diff time zones, not at once) but I realized the nurse-patient ratio gets worse and worse in each place. I have to say, each time I go to work, I really dread. The ratio is just way too high and I run around chasing after patients trying to give them meds, then gtubes gets clogged up, etc etc etc. I can't handle this much patients and i'm always behind on taking my lunch. If I do take my lunch, it's never more than 10 minutes. I am a nurse that strongly believes in quality care but I cannot give this type of care at these places. Lately, the night before I have work, I cant sleep. I started getting insomnia every single time I know I have to wake up in the morning for work. I just recently went through a flu too, barely getting better now. In all my years of working as a nurse, I don't normally get sick as much. I feel like i'm getting sick this time is all because of stress(everytime I start feeling that the stress is coming down on me, I start feeling sick). Any ideas/suggestions for me? I feel so depressed... I am also back in school for my BSN. I need a weekend job that is not too stressful that I can focus on my studies more.